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The town of Champery

The town of Champery

Champery, Switzerland

Very Cute Swiss Town

Champéry, a ski resort with an altitude of 1,050 metres in the canton of Valais, is nestled at the feet of the Dents du Midi and Dents Blanches Mountains in the heart of the « Portes du Soleil ski area. Historically, tourism here dates back to 1857. This date marks the opening of the first hotel in Champéry, the Hôtel des Dents-du-Midi, and makes Champéry one of the oldest tourist sites in Switzerland.

Both a charmingly authentic village and a multi-faceted tourist resort, Champéry will win your heart with its traditional and well-preserved architecture. The village street is lined with chalets typical to the region and remarkable for their sculpted balconies and « toits en sifflet » (rooflines which project like bellows).